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I had the honour of being part of an inspiring & motivation podcast for women called From Full of Cup. This podcast focuses on disruptive wellness education for women solopreneurs and professionals. 

Click the image to listen to me & the founder Natalie discuss the amazing abilities of how power words & visions boards are a powerful tool for manifestation!

Blog Post

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Masterclasses are a great way to hear about topics that are of interest to you in great depth. In this particular class I connected with the founder of Happy Heathy Women, Natalie, to discuss the importance of taking time for yourself to help you find success.

This topic was covered in my blog as well, but if you would like the learn & grow from in this topic more extensively, fill out the form below to gain access.


Check out this insightful blog post I created for an amazing organization, called Happy Healthy Women, that I contribute to building & helping strong, like minded women, as the Mississauga branch director.


Click the image to view my blog post on how to find success while still taking time for yourself.

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Masterclass Link

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