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Vision Board Workshops

Why do a vision board workshop?

1. Accelerate results

You can achieve in hours what weeks of Coaching could uncover

2. Create clarity
Eliminate overwhelm and confusion

3. Feel Joy
Connect with what makes you happy and fulfilling

4. Manifest your dream life
Visually map out the life you want & take the first step to make it happen


1. We connect with your brain to open you up to a new way of thinking:
a. Out of the left side of your brain- analytical, “adulting”, limited thinking

b. Connect with the right side of your brain- creative, dreaming, possibility thinking


2. We do exercises that move you past limiting beliefs and into connecting with your inner self and what YOU really want…

Questions like:
a. “If I had all the time and money in the world, what would I do?”
b. “What brings you bliss?”
c. “How do I want to feel?”
d. “What do I want?”


3. I provide all the resources to create your Vision Board:
a. Foam core board or card stock (Power-word workshop- mini vision board)
b. Stickers
c. Magazines
d. Glue stick, scissors
e. A free copy of my “From Vision To Reality Journal” ($19.99 on Amazon) (included in Vision Board workshop only)

What to expect? Why is this different than doing a Vision Board on my own?

LiliCreativeDesign_Dianne-82_websize (1).jpg
LiliCreativeDesign_Dianne-82_websize (1).jpg

Why do Vision Boards work?

Vision Boards are based in Neuroscience

1. Images are 60,000 times more impactful on the brain than just words
2. The brain processes an image in 13 milliseconds
3. The brain cannot tell the difference between the image of something happening and it actually happening
4. The brain places importance on something that it sees on a regular basis and then actions toward making it happen

My Journal

From Vision to Reality: A Journal to Support your Journey

At some point we have all made a vision board for our lives. Beautiful pictures from magazines of boats, cars, homes, exotic locations, smiles and hearts. The board ends up in a closet and we wonder why we're not living our vision.

This journal is the missing link between having a vision for your life and making it a reality. It guides you to take action on three of your vision board dreams, it challenges your mindset in all areas of life and it reminds you to be grateful for what you already have.

Life is a journey, not a destination. Have a vision for the destination and then use your inner power to make the journey fun, fulfilling and joyful. That is a great reality.


Author: Dianne Reichenbach



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