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Dianne Reichenbach Life Coach 

Do you find it impossible to prioritize yourself?

Would you like to enjoy your life, eliminate overwhelm and do the things you love?


How Will I Help You?

We connect you to your dreams and goals by creating a Vision Board in the main areas of your
life such as career, relationships, wellness, home, travel, recreation. You will discover what
brings you joy and fills your life with meaning. Did you know, that images impact the brain
60,000 times more than words?

Now that your brain has opened up to your vision, we create small steps to add more joy to your
life as well as tackle feelings of overwhelm and limitation. You will discover how to feel less
stressed, more grateful and that you can start to make small changes immediately.

Your mind becomes open to a new way of seeing yourself, the world and what is possible.
Combining the neurological impact of the vision board along with your actions, you will
experience a joyful shift in your life as you begin achieving your goals and manifesting your

Limiting beliefs stopping you from achieving your goals

I don’t know how to start.

Always thinking of everyone else’s needs and have forgotten your own. Perhaps you feel unworthy. You think others will be neglected if you take care of yourself.

I’m too busy.

No time, my family and job take up all my time. You play many roles and may prioritize yourself last.

I am inconsistent or undisciplined.

Do you tell yourself a story about who you are? ex.  “I have no discipline.” or  “I have tried to stick with things in the past and have failed.”

It’s overwhelming.

Discover how small, manageable steps lead to big changes. It’s a domino effect, one change opens the door for other changes in your life.

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